7 Dairy Products That Will Help Burn Fat

Best-dairy-products-that-keep-you-fitEven though many food types can help you lose weight, dairy products are readily available, plus, they aren’t as restrictive as sticking to vegetables and fruits. One fact is, dairy products offer you a chance to maintain your eating habit and still reduce weight. Unfortunately, not all dairy products are equal.

According to some study, overweight adults who stuck with high-quality dairy diet lost more weight compared to those who ate the low-quality milk diet with the same amount of calories. So, don’t just include any dairy product in your diet.

Here are best dairy products to help burn fat

1. Organic Milk

Most dairy products are always salty to the point that they can trigger cravings. Organic foods are known to contain fewer amounts of salt that will increase your appetite. Also, they are known to contain many vital nutrients including Omega-3 fatty acids that will lower the levels of insulin in your body as well as burn the extra calories that get into your system. Also, they have lutein that has also been proven to burn fat. Other vital nutrients include beta-carotene and vitamin E.

2. Fortified Milk

Even though choosing low-fat food will help you reduce fat intake, it will deny you a number of essential nutrients. Fortifying is one of the ways that can help bring and maintain the lost nutrients such as Vitamin D that is always rare in other natural food sources. More often, it can be found from exposure to sunlight. Also, some study showed that taking foods that have higher levels of vitamin D and more, can help overweight people lose weight faster.

3. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is one of the tastiest dairy product on this list that will also have lower levels of calories. Several researchers have also mentioned that having chocolate milk after an exhausting exercise can help you recover quickly. By drinking chocolate milk, you will be taking twice the amount of protein and carbs you could have taken by drinking plain milk or any other drink that is intended to help grow and recover your muscles as well as improve your weight loss.

4. Hard Cheese

If you are fond of full-fat Italian cheese, here is your chance to have some. Hard cheeses are known to contain higher amounts of calcium as well as protein. Another significant advantage of including this dairy product in your diet is that they are low in fat compared to other softer cheeses such as Swiss and cheddar. Also, they have less lactose, meaning that they won’t cause bloating, unlike other cheeses. Hard Cheese is great to have either before or after your exercises.

5. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is rich in proteins that will help build muscle as well as keep you full until your next meal. Even though they are ideal for weight loss, it is important to remember that they have high amounts of salt which might make you feel thirsty and increase your appetite. If you want an excellent cottage cheese for weight loss, go for those with low levels of salt to prevent hunger.

6. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt has been for a long time linked to many health as well as weight loss benefits. They are rich in protein that is great for weight loss. The also offer healthy amounts of probiotics that will boost your immune system, reduce bloating as well as improve your digestion. More often, experts recommend that you have at least one yogurt every day. However, it is always advisable that you stick to the less sugary choices. Keep in mind; most yogurt you will find in the supermarkets tend to have more sugar which might not be good if you want to lose weight.

7. Fortified Yogurt

As mentioned earlier, not all the yogurts you will find in your local stores are equal. It is known to combine high levels of calcium as well as vitamin D that are not only healthy but will help you maintain a healthy weight, according to researchers. Several studies have also shown that those who have lower levels of vitamin D are at risk of becoming overweight compared to those who have high levels of the same nutrient.

If you’ve been searching for tips on how to burn fat and lose weight, it is probable you’ve tried supplements and other unhealthy ways without success. See bodyweight burn review | bodyweight workouts to begin your workout routines. Always remember; you don’t have to starve yourself or change your entire eating habits to lose weight. What you need is, to change your diet. Instead of eating junk foods all the time, create a diet plan that includes these seven dairy products.


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